Mother of the Universe

Meditation On The Mother of All Worlds

by Rev. William Arthur Mills

Dearest Holy Mother, Queen of All The Worlds… luminous… limitless… the embodiment of unfathomable power and grace…  Goddess of All that exists, the totality of the awesome power of consciousness… Empress of Eternity, we place our purist flower at Your Most Radiant Lotus Feet… for You are the very one heart of all that is.

Divine Mother of the Universe, true Mother of all beings… The essence, and eternal source, of every vibration in existence. Sacred Womb of Love and Grace, we bow to Your awesome, magnificent power. Only You create- and transcend- all names and forms. You are the totality of all existence. 

Blessed be The One Great Womb…  the Mother Matrix of this spiritually-saturated world… mysteriously unfolding all around us… everywhere… forever… and there is nowhere where She is not. Eternal Existence, Consciousness, and Bliss… where our truest self is dancing free.

All Pervasive, Radiant Mother, indivisible ocean of pure consciousness, we place our burdens at Your Self-Illumined Lotus Feet. For we can feel you all around us, and in every thing we see. From Love we were made; and to LOVE we shall return. Mother… Mother… We surrender our lives to You.

O’ Mother of Endless Worlds, may we breath in life more deeply- and fully- and taste the essence of Your Magnificent Truth. Tonight… May we all sing the amazing glories of who and what we are. All life unfolds through Your dazzling mysteries… Blessed be this universal womb of bliss… where our truest self is dancing free.

And in this moment… this one...  now recall… yes… it is this same Mother, in another of Her myriad forms, who carried you within her body… loving and nurturing you… holding your hand as you both crossed the street together when you were but four years old. And now we offer the purist flower of our heart to this Dear Mother, at her most tender, sacred feet.

Mother is Supreme Mother, Compassionate Mother, Kind Mother. Pray to Divine Mother; experience Divine Mother within your heart. Mother is all-pervading; Mother is everything; The entire cosmos is nothing but the Mother Divine.                                       

                                                           -Sri Karunamayi

The Mother of Limitless, Self-luminous Space

The more that we understand Her, we see that Mother’s supreme wisdom pervades every crack and crevice throughout the endless expanse of creation. As we get to know Her in some of Her various aspects, we witness nature’s timeless testimony to the Divine Mother’s exquisite beauty and awesome power. The more we praise Her, claiming Her as our very own, the more we take on Her superlative attributes.

The closer we grow toward- and in- the Divine Mother, we are awarded with the beatific understanding our own true nature. This (Her) very nature is also the sweet, exalted terrain where all creative endeavors are conceived, and heart-fully manifested. Metaphysically inspired artistic expression, especially intuition, is Mother’s forte. Indeed, the heart is a very blissful, boundless ‘place’ to make art from.


            Mother Matrix of All Energy:

                      Maha Shakti Ma


                     by William Arthur Mills

      “Durga’s Defeat Over Mahishasura”          

     by William Arthur Mills/ collage and mixed media on wood

8 1/2”x 13 1/2”/2004

O Wisdom Goddess, your essence alone is present within every life, every event. Your living power flows freely as this universe. Wherever I go and wherever I look, I perceive only you, my blissful Mother, radiating as pure cosmic play.


        Everyone is babbling about what happens after death.

This intoxicated poet who belongs to Goddess Kali

        knows all opinions to be void of substance.

This mirror mind and timeless body

        are Her marvelous play

through the transparent medium of Her elements.

         After death, Her dancing elements flow on,

and simply Mother remains.

The singer of this liberating song

        laughs loud and long:

“We will be in the end

        what we were in the beginning,

clear bubbles forming and dissolving

         in the stream of timeless Mother Wisdom.”


  Kundalini Ma

O Kali of Mystery!

I yearn to hold your luminous power

in the subtle nerve channels near the spine

long enough to know you more intensely.

Yet your brilliant Goddess energy

dances with freedom and wild abandon.

How can I possibly contain You, even for an instant?

May You come to rest gently

upon the spacious lotus of my heart,

playing with pure awareness

the many-stringed instrument of my mind.


                  “Empress of Duality”/ acrylic on canvas/ 30” x 24”/ 1996

“Listen”, says the Sovereign Goddess of All Worlds, “The infinite consciousness  known as the Self, and the infinite field of time and space, are all one substance pervaded by the same infinite consciousness”.

“You Are the Cosmic Soul”/ ink and pencil pencil on paper/ 8.5” x 11”/ 2003

“Goddess of Supreme Wisdom, illumine me”

ink and colored pencil on paper/ 8.5” x 11”/ 2002

“We are The Infinite Self that is forever ONE with The Mother”

Ink on paper/ 8.5” x 11”/ 2006

“MOTHER”/ ink on paper/ 8.5” x 11”/2006

“SHAKTI”/ ink on paper/ 8.5” x 11”/ 2006

    Detail from “Ardhanarishwara”/ acrylic on canvas/ 72” x 46”

See “The Divine Hermaphrodite” Page.

“The Divine Power (Shakti) as the Goddess”

Collage and acrylic on wood/ 9” x 19.5”/2003

“DEVI, The Self, “hidden” in ALL BEINGS”/ ink on paper/ 8.5” x 11”/ 2006

“MOTHER of ALL WORLDS”/ ink on paper/ 11” x 8.5”/ 2006

“DEVI manifests as the world... and pervades EVERYTHING”/ ink on paper/ 8.5” x 11”/2007

“DEVI”/ ink on paper/ 8.5” x 11”/ 2006

“MOTHER MATRIX of ALL ENERGY”/ ink on paper/ 11” x 8.5”/ 2006

“MOTHER of ALL WISDOM”/ ink and colored pencil on paper/ 8.5” x 11”/ 2006

“MOTHER”/ ink on paper/ 8.5” x 11”/ 2005

“Goddess of Supreme Wisdom, illumine me”/ acrylic and paper on wood/ 14.5” x 12”/ 2005

“KUNDALINI”/ ink on paper/ 8.5” x 11”/2006

“Shiva-Shakti/Consciousness-Energy”/ ink on paper/ 11” x 8.5”/ 2007

See “Shiva-Shakti” Page.

“SHAKTI”/ ink on paper/ 8.5” x 11”/ 2006

The Divine Mother is the force, the hidden energy, behind everything. She is ceaselessly shape-shifting into every body and form. Her omnipotent power and boundless life triumphantly reside as the One Eternal Body of the Universe. Imagine: The Great Mother’s roots (symbolized by her lotus feet) stretch down into the depths of the earth; and the lens of Her countless eyes scan the endless reaches of the Heavens.

One of the Divine Mother’s auspicious names is Adya Ma, meaning, the One Original Transcendent Mother of All. The Great Goddess is the manifestation of this exquisite, eternally unfolding universe. Everything- seen and unseen- is the dazzling cosmic spectacle of Pure Consciousness (Shiva) and Pure Energy (Shakti) in Their incessantly lustful creative embrace.    

           “At the Gate of the Mother of Compassion” / acrylic on canvas/ 52” x 52” 

            (To Bhavabhayaharini, “She Who Removes the Fear of Earthly Existence”)

Perfection will come when you are completely identified with the Divine Mother. When you feel yourself to be no longer another and separate being, instrument, servant, or worker- but truly a child and eternal portion of her consciousness and force. Always She will be in you and you in Her.  It will be your constant, simple, and natural experience that all your thoughts, seeing, action, even your very breathing-  or moving-  come from her, and are Hers (Energy of Creation) alone. 


“Father-Mother ALL”/ Ink on paper/ 8.5” x 11”/ 2007

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“Consciousness Is the Mirror”/ ink and colored pencil on paper/ 11” x 8.5”/ 2006

“Shiva”/ ink and colored pencil on paper/ 11” x 8.5”/ 2007

“Om Namah Shivaya”/ ink and colored pencil on paper/ 8.5” x 11”/ 2007

“MOTHER MATRIX of ALL ENERGY (No. 2 )”/ ink on paper/ 8.5” x 11”/ 2007

William Arthur Mills

“At the Gate of the Mother of Compassion” / acrylic on canvas/ 52” x 52” 

(To Bhavabhayaharini, “She Who Removes the Fear of Earthly Existence”)/ 1996

The Sovereign Empress of All Worlds

Mother alone is the energy of all existence. Everything in this perceivable universe is born of Her Self Effulgent Light and Divine Vibration. All that is, was, and ever will be, flows in and out of the One Body of the Supreme Mother, over and over and over, again. We are eternally inseparable from Her. For this reason, the journey to the Wisdom Mother is always the journey to the Self. In essence, we are all manifestations of the Great Goddess eternally creating Herself. Mother is the glorious power ‘behind’ this infinite expanse of ONEness. She is the unnameable “That”, which manifests all beings, and all worlds, into existence.

The Sacred Union of Spirit and Matter: Shiva-Shakti

However, the Great Mother’s story could never be told unless we included Her peerless silent witness and divine consort-  the Great Father and Lord of true knowledge, Shiva. Lord Shiva is the eternally pure, infinite consciousness itself. For me, the cosmic masculine principle is exquisitely expressed in Shiva (which means “The Auspicious One”). Maheshwara, another popular name for Shiva, means “the Great God”. Shiva is the Supreme Yogi. In their most exalted aspects, Shiva and His spouse, Parvati, are the very models of a yogi and yogini, representing all concepts of dissolving into silence and stillness.

This universe- everything- and beyond- is the story of our Cosmic Parents. Shiva, the Lord of Silence, is the auspicious I AM ‘ness’ beyond all thought. He is the supreme stillness, eternally fused in divine union with His celestial spouse, Maha Shakti. Mother is everything that moves; and, in Her transcendental forms, beyond everything that moves. Father is the incomparable peace which witnesses all movement. While the Wisdom Mother, Saraswati, in particular, is the very source of all words; as well as the gift of speech itself. Shiva, however, is the immutable wisdom beyond all words and concepts.

Shiva is pure consciousness; Parvati is the auspicious power, and agent, of His consciousness at play in all the worlds. Together, they reign supreme as our Cosmic Parents: God and Goddess of the Universe. Shiva, encompassing the still, timeless silence, and Parvati (Shakti), the ever-changing multiplicities of nature, together, have become everything. In their sacred union, They are the changeless luminosity beyond all duality.

ALL is witnessed by Lord Shiva, the Supreme Passive Stillness Beyond Thought. He is the infinite field of consciousness, Purusha, with which Mother, Prakriti, units to create endless worlds and galaxies- including the planing of tomorrow’s dinner menu (which may at this moment still be ripening in the garden). The cohesive union of passive, immobile, consciousness, Shiva (the masculine principle), and primal kinetic energy, Shakti (the feminine principle), comprise all that exists and all that is yet to be.

Lord Shiva is the Supreme Witness to the dazzling radiance of consciousness made visible- the Goddess. As the formless Mahakala, “Great Father Beyond Time”, Shiva is the silent wisdom behind all duality at every manner of manifestation. Thus BE-ing, He is totally free of maya. The Mother’s glorious energy, combined with the Light of All Understanding, Shiva, produce the continuous vibratory throb of all worlds: creation, preservation, and destruction.

All worlds are vibrating with the ecstatic dance of our Cosmic Parents. Father is the blissful witness, the consciousness that illumines Mother’s endless creative rapture. Mother is the Self Luminous Cosmic Container of ALL manifestation. Father is the pure stillness hidden behind Her every movement. Together, They are the invisible currents, moving (Shakti) and unmoving (Shiva), informing the infinite waves of consciousness.

Devi IS

Devi IS  the inner nature of all life. She is the physical, outer nature as well. She IS the everything of everything; the all of ALL. All the forms of the universe are the Divine Mother Herself, known through multitudes of sensory apparatus. She is, quite literally, recognizable as all of the possible expressions of consciousness. From this perspective, if God is all knowledge, then the Goddess is all understanding.

Devi IS every form of every aspect of existence. All of creation is absolutely saturated with Her Divine Presence. She is everything- and everything received from Her is an offering returned to Her again and again, consciously or unconsciously. Mother delivers all beings to their own boundless nature. She gently guides us inward, to experience our true BE-ing, the changeless luminosity beyond thought.

Devi IS  everywhere. We could not possibly separate ourselves from Her, for it is She who inhabits all the possible forms of the universe. However, we often forget how generous and compassionate Mother is, as She ceaselessly reminds us that She IS Everything within and without this phenomenal plane -including us. This is why It has been said that to know the Gods we must first become the Goddess.

Devi IS  the continuously revolving wheel of the cycles of time. Merely by opening Her eyes in Her perpetual lovemaking with Lord Shiva, The Cosmic Father, She invokes endless worlds into being. From the microcosm to the macrocosm, All is none other than She: the supremely conscious power residing in- and sustaining- all of creation. Mother keeps all of creation in tact, as She is the Supreme Witness to Her own infinitely glorious manifestation. May our greatest prayer always be that the Great Goddess be pleased with our humble attempts, as we surrender unconditionally to Her Cosmic Will.

All creative acts are, in essence, homage to the Mother. She is the Great Muse, the Goddess, as Universal Mother and Nurturer. It is Her Maya that makes up the infinite modalities of artistic expression. Mother creates this richly diverse universe of opposites, contradictions, and dualities, and then enters it. Knowing Her in this identity, She is our very breath, the very ‘Self’ of all existence; all consciousness. The Universal Mother is the Source from which the wellspring of all life erupts. She is the great epicenter of eternal wisdom. May we forever remember Her through impeccable acts of unconditional  surrender. Victory to the Mother!

Everything is the Great Mother’s Kitchen!

Without beginning or end, the Goddess is the divine substance comprised of the totality of all possibilities. Mother’s awesome power perfectly illustrates the unfathomable mystery behind the sacred intelligence, Shiva, Who co-creates endless worlds and universes. The Great Mother is beyond everything, and yet she is the ineffable source of everything. All the worlds are graciously cooked up in Mother’s one, vast kitchen- all simmering in Her cosmic soup. The Supreme Goddess is the intrinsic nature of consciousness Itself. She is the one goal of all existence- Sat-Chit-Ananda (true existence, consciousness, and bliss).

Devotional Art:  Union With the Divine Bliss Within

It is the inner, ethereal worlds where we are the witness to Mother’s endless creative flow. I like to think of creativity personified as the Goddess at play, sometimes referred to as Her cosmic lila, or sport. I’ve often heard other artists refer to this part of the creative process as “The Zone”, or “The Flow”. The influence of metaphysical thought in my artistic expression has presented an extraordinary journey for me. The Divine Mother is the supremely blissful awareness of one’s very nature. Nurturing all life in a loving, non differentiating manner-  Mother is the one vast body of all of ‘creation’.

Over the past few years, I have made many paintings and drawings; as well as hundreds of icons (images on small wooden panels) celebrating the Divine Mother’s glorious manifestation(s). Devotional Art is my humble offering to Her. Each and every offering flows into the one sacred vibration of our Cosmic Parents: The Supreme Consciousness of Lord Shiva and Shakti Ma. Please visit the Deva Loka to see and read more regarding my devotional art.

Kundalini Shakti

Mother Kundalini, as She is known, makes Her ascent up the sushumna piercing the chakras, is the Supreme Wisdom of Creation. Mother Kundalini , the dynamic Supreme Shakti, is the one unified, infinite energy that animates every form in the universe. She ceaselessly calls out to Her partner, Shiva, to guide Her homeward to the pure, formless state of the changeless witness within:  the Self (Atma). The Glorious Hermaphrodite, Ardhanarishwara, emerges as one deity, as Kundalini Shakti unites with Her Shiva in the Sahasrara chakra- the union of matter and spirit.

The Sacred Hermaphrodite

The Cosmic Mother and Father principles are seamlessly joined in Ardhanarishwara: Shiva-Shakti. The Great Hermaphrodite, Ardhanarishwara, is the embodiment of The Cosmic Father and Mother principles, representing the perfect balance of The Immanent Goddess and The Transcendent God. In these aspects, Shiva represents the perpetually unchanging; Shakti the perpetually changing. Together, they perform an ecstatic dance of organic intelligence- pervading all that is, and all that will ever be.

In Ardhanarishwara, the duality of male/female is seamlessly resolved.  Though it is in the form of a hermaphrodite, and definitely appears androgynous, I sometimes think of “It” as being female, a Goddess, precisely because It still inhabits and manifests as all cosmic form. Everything we see and know with the vast organs of perception is none other than The Great Goddess Itself.

For more reading on “Ardhanarishwara”, please visit  “The Divine Hermaphrodite” Page.

Many years ago, I saw a photograph of a outdoor wall mural in Calcutta. The image was at once so shocking and frightening- and yet so poignant and beautiful,at the same time. It was a painting depicting a naked Kali Ma, giving birth; and, at the same time, with Her enormous fangs, She was already engaged in devouring the emerging newborn as it was emerging from Her womb.

Even though I was offended, and recoiling, from this frighteningly hideous image, I thought, “Yes, this IS the Mother. She gives life and takes it away in the blink of an eye. Everything emerges- and, ultimately returns- to Her. In India, the popular iconography of this act symbolizes how marvelously Mother nourishes and maintains Her creation. Nature (Mother) takes of Itself. Everything is an offering to every thing else.

All energy, Including the most subtle realms such as thought forms, moves within Mother’s divine radiance, permeating all existence. She is the supreme energy coursing through every atom of the perceivable universe- and beyond. Mother makes visible, however temporarily, the extremely subtle union of Consciousness and Energy. As Mahavidya Ma, the Great Mother is the all pervasive wisdom which illumines- and liberates- all.

“Hidden Mother”/acrylic on wood/ 9” x 37.5”/ 2003

“The chakras represent the architecture of the human soul. As meeting points between mind and body, spirit and matter, the chakras form the yoke of yoga. As portals between the worlds, the chakras are the seven windows to the soul that connect the inner world with the outer.”      

                                                                                   -Anodea Judith

“All Pervasive Radiant Mother”/ ink on paper/ 8.5” x 11”/ 2006

Mahamaya, “Mother of the Vast Illusion”, is the glorious deification of the material universe. This form of the Mother represents the ever changing world. She IS the omnipresent  BE-ing-ness reigning over all relative existence. As Mahamaya, the Great Mother impeccably assumes the exquisite contradiction of this temporal plane of sublime duality. She IS the very essence and light that emanates from all forms; simultaneously residing as every form.

Ongoing everywhere, our Cosmic Parents are, indeed, the mystical archetypes of Supreme Consciousness. Together, They ARE everything that is and ever will be. Shiva is Shakti’s awesome consciousness to create, and sustain, endless worlds. Shakti is the limitless power of the ephemeral realm. She is the unfathomable energy and the divine form of everything in the cosmos.

Maha Maya, the Divine Mother’s boundless universal embodiment, means “Great Illusion”. All of nature is an ongoing presentation of Her grand drama- and stage. As Aurobindu so deliciously expresses in Sivitri, “ (It is) Her Force that moves, Her powers that save and slay, Her Word that in the silence speaks to our hearts. Her heights and depths to which our spirit moves, Her events that weave the texture of our lives”.

The Goddess is Inspiration Itself. Inherent throughout much of Hindu thought, it is She Who is the very foundation of this universe- and all possible universes. She is everything we see, know, and experience. The Great Mother is beyond everything, and yet she is the source of everything. Though She is The Great Unbounded, without a beginning or end, She may also be recognized in either a manifested, or non manifested, state.

All of creation is absolutely saturated with the Goddess, as it is She Who created It- and gloriously entered into It. Father Shiva, the Mother’s divine consort, and transcendental aspect, is the pure consciousness which eternally “dances” with Her. Together they are the one, great creative vibration, visible- and invisible, which makes all existence possible. We are all the Great Goddess eternally creating Herself. Father is the light we carry within us which illumines all forms. Mother is the entire perceivable universe, and beyond-  She is Mahamaya Itself.

The ONE Hidden Energy Behind Everything

Maha Devi, “the Great Goddess”, is the Cosmic Self, the One Heart we share with all of creation. Imagine, we are all the Great Goddess eternally creating Herself. What greater glory in life could there be than That? Creation is absolutely incomplete without the divine contribution which each of us provides in the one indivisible body of the Mother.

She Who Is Eternally Pregnant With The Universe is the one source of all life. Indeed, Mother is the great mystery; the maya in which all things are endlessly born. All the worlds are seen by Her gracious inner and outer eyes; and illumined by Her endless suns. The entire universe is sustained by the light of the Divine Mother’s infinite wisdom, power, and grace.

She Who Is Ceaselessly Pregnant With the Universe

Everything in the universe is the manifestation of the Great Mother’s creative energy. She is the power that animates all consciousness. All of creation is absolutely saturated with the all pervading grace of Her supreme omnipresence. The Mother is the Divine Monarch presiding over all forms of matter, liquid, fire, and air; as well as every manifestation of the Great Light and Vibration within and without. Her imperishable power creates, maintains, and transforms countless universes.

BE-ing all that is and ever will will be, the Divine Mother enters every thing, to experience the ecstatic play of Her own ‘creation’. Sometimes known as Sarvayoni, meaning “The Great Womb of All”, the Divine Mother is the sole source of this entire physical plane. Forever pregnant with the myriad forms of existence, She is the exquisite deification of multiplicity itself. Being the Sovereign Empress of the Universe, She is the source of the endless names and forms of the ongoing manifestation.

Mother: The One Cosmic Body

God is absolutely motionless, changeless, and timeless. He is the pure,

silent unmanifest ‘beyond’ creation- and does absolutely nothing. In contrast, the Goddess, or Great Mother, is, and does- everything. Ceaselessly born in the time and space continuum, She is the Cosmic Body- and all it’s movement. She alone is, literally, change Itself.  Supporting the vast reaches of endless world within world, Mother is the grace bestowing power of the universe. Presiding over this entire cosmic drama, Mother endlessly dispatches benevolent blessings to Her ongoing ‘creation’.

Pervading all the worlds, Mother is the sacred force of light and vibration

which gives birth to, nourishes, and sustains all life.  With Her countless

eyes and arms, seeing and stretching into every direction into eternity, She

surges through all forms of ‘life’, loving all equally. Because they are

Her very Self, Mother ceaselessly protects and nourishes Her children-

every-thing and non-thing in the universe. Out of infinite compassion for Her countless forms, there is nothing that escapes Her gracious glance.

From the very tip of Her crown, scraping the furthest reaches of manifested

consciousness- to Her fragrant lotus feet- the sustaining force of Mother’s

living creation emanates from Her one, vast, universal body.

The Nectar of Self-Awareness

The inspiration behind many of the paintings and drawings on this page come   from various diverse sources, including the incomparably blissful writing of the 13th century Indian mystic, Jnaneshwar Maharaj. Deeply transported upon reading his “The Nectar of Self-Awareness”, I moved into the studio and swiftly began to paint the profound sense of rapture I felt upon absorbing these ecstatic words.

The exquisite opening line in the “Nectar” reads: “Now I pay my respects to the God and Goddess who are the limitless primal parents of the universe...” To read an excerpt from Jnaneshwar Maharaj’s magnificent, “The Nectar of Self Awareness”, please visit the  “Shiva-Shakti” Page.