“Atrium Series”/ Ink on paper/ all approximately 11” x 8.5”/ 2008

Please visit “Illumined Words”, “Mother”, and “Cosmic Self” Pages for more recent drawings.

“ONE”/ Ink on paper/ 11” x 8.5”/ 2008

Drawings: 2000-1990

“Centripetal Sustainer”/ acrylic on paper / acrylic on paper/ 19” x 24”/ 1998

India Ink wash on paper /17.5” x 23”/1993

“Without looking back, Pearl, in her road-weary petticoats, embarks upon the next leg of the journey”/ India Ink wash on paper /17.5” x 23”/1993

“Chirping Clams”/ India Ink wash on paper /17.5” x 23”/1993

“Stern and determined, through frail as icicles”/ India ink on paper 22.5” x 28.5”/ 1983

India Ink wash drawings on paper/  23” x 17.5”/ 1993-94

“Vogue-ing”/ India Ink wash on paper /17.5” x 23”/1993

“Three Cots at Limberlost Cabins”

Sepia and black India Ink wash on paper/ 17.5” x 23”/ 1994

“Sobbing Machine (thirsty for oil no doubt!)

India Ink wash on paper/ 23” x 17.5”/1994

“Child Most Adorable (making music with a long forgotten cheese grater)”

Sepia India Ink wash on paper 23” x 17.5”/ 1994

Drawings: 1990-1980

“Straw Bucket Ballet”/acrylic and colored pencil on paper/ 25” x 19”/ 1988

“More of that old Soft Shoe”/ acrylic and colored pencil on paper/ 25” x 19”/1988

“Vanity”/ India ink wash and crayon on paper/ 22” x 17”/ 1983

“Even Fish Get Thirsty”/ ink on paper/ 11” x 8.5”/ 1980

“The Admiral in Meltdown!”

Ink on paper/ 11” x 8.5”/ 1980

“Repetitions of this exercise must be continued for several minutes- and with vigor, mind you! Then, if executed properly, will one begin to feel it’s exquisite calming affects”/ Ink on paper/ 11” x 8.5”/ 1980

“Coney Island”/ pen and ink/ 4” x 6”/ 1978. From “Pen and Ink” Page.

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“Yet Another Blessing in Disguise”/ Colored pencil on paper/ 19” x 25”/ 1988

I’ve long been told that my art is profusely infused with familiar shapes and associations from various forms in the ‘natural’ world. There have been sightings of shapes, creatures, and apparitions from many diverse manifestations of form. However, most often the images in my work that people point out to me as resembling one thing or other, are, for the most part, completely non-intentional.

An organically conceived line intercepted by another similarly developed line, makes way for a myriad of possible recognizable forms to behold. Among some of the sightings there have been bridges, armor, appliances, vapors, birds, popcorn, architectural motifs, fish, cement mixers, shoes, various animals, etc.

Also on the “Pen and Ink” Page, “Joni’s Garden”... and other unearthly delights:

Hippie Art/ 1967-1970

“The Axe House (Across the Mohawk Swamps)”/ India Ink wash/ 23” x 17.5”/ 1995

“Untitled”/ India Ink wash drawing on paper/ 17.5 x 23”/ 1994

“Brooklyn Skylight”/India Ink wash drawing on paper/ 17.5 x 23”/ 1994